Saturday, 13 October 2012

Whatever you have to say, Blogger can help you say it

... am, de!

To whom it may concern,

-Why do I have to PUBLISH my inner thoughts?
-Why do I  have to answer "what's in your mind"?
-Why can't everything be as simple as it used to be?

After my attempt to follow the trends I realised that blogging is not for me. I'm not a writer or reporter.
My English is not as perfect as my Greeklish :D.
I'm one of the ordinary people who can communicate their thoughts with friends and loved ones in real life-on real time.

I don't need followers or likes to feel special.
The ones that matter already know.

Goodbye-ante geia

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Just because I felt it...

Just for my peace of mind I decided to share a piece of my thoughts and interests in the most common form of public view exchanger of our times.

Keeping diary has helped me before when the things seemed too dark for one reason or another...this is a phase I'm going through again :(.
I need to write what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, what I'd like to say to someone that is not in my life anymore (or to be more accurate"that decided not to keep including me in his life"), to take it out of my system and just move on.

It's gonna be a series of miserable posts at the beginning...but in my country we say that if you share the sadness it becomes more bareable and if you share the joy it multiplies.

I'm not doing it to gain friends and followers. I'm attempting it to find my balance.
"Look ahead and have no expectations": that's the biggest lesson that life has taught me so far!

If something is worthy, it will be discovered without extra effort on the right time, by the right people and for the right reasons.
If not, at least you faced another challenge and had another tick in your "to do list".

And that's the simplest introduction to my blogging experiment I could think of.

To know us better: 'cos that's FUNdamental in all relationships-
                                                                                    another lesson that I always TRY to remember!

"ifigeneia" for you