Sunday, 28 July 2013


While searching for a new place to move in, this time on my own, and choosing furniture from IKEA  (τα οικονομικά μου με υποχρεώνουν να κάνω λίγους συμβιβασμούς) I thought it's about time to close any chapter that doesn't make me happy (or happier) anymore.

It was really moving to realise that writing my thoughts and expressing feelings in a way that means different things to me than to whoever is reading them, could help me so much.
This is me: saying few, meaning much more. Using words, song lyrics and details that are connected to vivid memories in order to find relief from the past. Going through images or passing by places to recreate new positive memories and erase their link to the painful ones.
Complicated…this is me. You may need  time to know me better but time is not always on our side.

 I choose not to relate to" Ifigeneia" ( be sacrificed for a loved one's ambitions) anymore.

It's just me: STAvRoula
and it was a real pleasure meeting all of you via my blog.
Thank you my friends!!!
This one is for Y O U :

I'm moving on!

Monday, 1 July 2013